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Integrate environmental intelligence in your decision making.

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We use cutting-edge tech to understand the crisis

Blue Sky Analytics leverages the power of AI and satellites to provide high resolution, real-time environmental data. Our geospatial data refinery transforms raw data into usable environmental insights, enabling you to take informed and speedy action in response to climate change.

Our Tech

And offer a unified platform for environmental data

We are building a Geo-spatial data refinery to provide high-resolution, high-frequency environmental data to global stakeholders.


The India's most extensive Ambient Air Quality datasets.


Global farm and forest fire tracker. Also monitoring green house emissions from fire.


Source emissions tracker, with a focus on industrial emissions.

Built for Prompt and Collective Decision-Making

API - Easily accessible and customized API to integrate in your solution, the environmental data you need is now a click away. Suitable for developers, enterprises and researchers.

Analytics Dashboard - We offer state-of-the-art visual analytics, ideal for easy communication and meaningful understanding for various stakeholders.

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Blue Sky Analytics is a team of 15+ millennials saving the planet, one dataset at a time.

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