We are building a large Geospatial data refinery

To provide high-resolution, high-frequency environmental data to global stakeholders using our proprietary AI enabled solutions. Our extensive data repositories leverages multiple satellite and ground sensor data, helping us replace piecemeal GIS analytics in the environmental science domain.

Data Ingestion from Satellites and On-ground monitors

We ingest terabytes of complex and raw data from multiple satellites, owned by NASA, ESA, and various private providers. This data is collected via our robust infrastructure of automated data pipelines. With our innovation, adding a new dataset from new sources is a piece of cake.

Big data Processing and Analytics on Cloud

Data is the new oil. AI is the new electricity. Similar to a oil refinery, we take this crude data and do multiple levels of processing and advanced analytics on it through our cloud native AI enabled infrastructure.

Delivering actionable Insights through Visualizations & APIs

After all of this work of cleaning and deploying advanced ML models, we gain deep insights into various environmental parameters. We supply this data analytics to multiple stakeholders for a variety of use cases through our accessible APIs and intuitive web and mobile dashboards.

Our Technology

We have built an open data platform to hook any low cost air quality monitor(s) installed in India.

Whether you have bought a single monitor for personal use or are installing 200 monitors to build a hyperlocal network for an entire city, give us a quick call and use our cloud native infrastructure to store, clean, process, analyze, and visualize your data and obtain custom dashboards.

All server, database, design, engineering costs on us. All calibration, validation, and visualization services for you. We have built a free and open data platform to hook any low cost air quality monitors that you have installed.

About Us

Blue Sky is a bunch of young space-tech environmentalists who are nerdy coders, data hackers, and savvy strategists working together to build products around environmental data and ensuring the world sees them.

Our Solutions


Siddharth Singh

Author, The Great Smog of India

Dr. Sagnik Dey

Professor, IIT Delhi

Vaibhav Chowdhary

Assistant Director, EPIC

Ashish Dhawan

Philanthropist & Founder, CSF

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