Are you tired of coding on the used laptops provided by your office? Do you hate the fact that you had to give up your favourite machine when you left your last job? Are you sick of second-(in fact fourth) hand machines? Do you love working on Linux, but the company only "issues" Macs?

Well, the team at Blue Sky can relate to these issues big time. We decided that it was time to change the status quo.

Your work, your decision and soon your machine!
Your work, your decision and soon your machine!

Here's how - the Own your Device Policy (ODP).

You buy a device of your choice for $1200 and you take it home after a year, even if you leave the company. Simple!

ODP allows people to break away from the "corporate issued/approved setup" and gives them the freedom to make a decision based on their needs and wants.

Are you hooked? Or are you hooked?
Are you hooked? Or are you hooked?

From the beginning, we understood that every work setup was different and needed a specialized approach. While some may prefer a Mac, others might be more comfortable with the customization that Linux allows. The more old-school types would probably never venture that far out, and stick with their Windows OS. We also found that some didn't take the traditional route of having a workstation, and managed everything from iPads or other handheld devices.

To ensure that a team member can freely choose whatever works for them, they can buy a tablet, an iPad, mobile, PC and CPU, monitor or any other computer setup under ODP.  

Yes we know - we don't want you to feel like this!
Yes we know - we don't want you to feel like this!

A team member can buy multiple devices under the policy. For example, if you bought a laptop for $800, you are free to buy a mobile for $400. Also, you don't have to buy them at the same time. Your balance out of the total budget is safe with Blue Sky and there is no last date to avail this. This ensures that nobody is short charged under this policy.

You have heard of if you break it, you buy it. But have you heard of 'We buy it, you own it!'? That's what Blue Sky does.

Also, guess what? This is not a one-time thing. Every 3 years from the date that a team member exhausts the entire budget, they can upgrade which means they can buy new machines again!

This could be your desk, but you choose to apply your talents at a place where you're not valued!
This could be your desk, but you choose to apply your talents at a place where you're not valued!

We launched ODP in July 2020 and 7 people including me have already availed it. In fact, 3 of my colleagues now own their machines as they have completed a year with Blue Sky. Here is what a few of them think about ODP:

"When you are constantly on calls, making notes, referring to different collateral and trying to manage 100 other things simultaneously- having an additional screen can be a game-changer, especially with Work From Home. With the ODP, I could get an iPad Air and I feel so much more in command of my work day"
Tejasvini, Business Development Lead
When I was switching from my old job, I was worried about returning my work computer. My personal laptop's also a few years old. To my pleasant surprise, BSA had ODP that let me purchase a new work laptop that will be mine in a few months. What a great deal!
Harsha, Product Manager
"As a fan of Linux, I always appreciate a little freedom and that's exactly what ODP provides. I can customize my machine to the core with not just software but also the hardware, selectively update my rig as I deem fit.
This helps me to increase my productivity a lot and I am free to experiment on whatever I like."
Jashanpreet, Senior Full Stack Engineer

If your company doesn’t care about your requirements and only imposes their requirements on you, leave them and come join us.  Want to work with Blue Sky? Apply here. Also, if as a company you want to change the status quo and are looking to learn from our experience, please reach out to me.