Pan-India Air Quality API

Power your decisions with live Air Quality data

01 / Real Time

Powered by Blue Sky Analytics’ AI machinery, BreeZo provides live continuous Air Quality

02 / Accurate

BreeZo combines data from satellites and on-ground monitors for the most accurate air quality data

03 / Easy

Get pan-India Air Quality with rich visual analytics, historical data, different locations & pollutants

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BreeZo: India’s most extensive air quality dataset


Govt. Ground Sensors

3 million

Virtual Sensors


Daily Raw Satellite Data

Air pollution data from satellites, IoT sensors and government monitors is now at your fingertips, all on one platform


Unmatched Accuracy

Machine Learning & Cross-referencing for razor sharp accuracy

Pan-India coverage

AQ data insights for 3 million points across India

Constantly Updated

Our AI ensures that our data-sets are updated in real time

Reliable API & easy Integration

Easy to integrate, robust delivery, zero downtime & dedicated support

Various pollutants

Spatially continuous data for PM2.5, PM10, NOx, SOx and more

Historical Data

10 years of historical air quality data with time-series representation


Temporal predictions till 24 hrs with recommendations


Charts, Maps & Tables for visual insights

Our Tech: AI + Satellites

The journey from space to actionable insights

Automated Pipelines

Raw data from satellites and ground monitors is picked up our system

Validation Protocols

100 TB of raw data is cleaned, processed and organised each day

Deep Learning Models

Our proprietary ML/AI algorithms compute air quality data for India

Acces to Insights

Highly accurate, real-time data as API's or custom platforms

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Account for AQI in your work.

Brainstorm with us how Air Quality Data can enrich your products & services.

Plug-in AQ insights to your business

Are you looking for reliable Air Quality datasets for business decisions? Integrate BreeZo API with your internal algorithms

The Ultimate R&D Tool-Box

Are you a developer, journalist, researcher or student who can make meaningful use of AQI Data? Our free or professional plan is just right for you

Minimal Setup for Maximum Engagement

Integrate BreeZo AQ data with minimal management. Pick a plan, contact sales for questions and plug-in our API to your solution

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Make healthier choices, inspire change & drive climate action

Check out, our free for use platform with real-time AQ data to account for air pollution in your daily lives, for you and your family


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Real-time Govt. BAMs data

5 Yrs historical data

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Real-time Govt. BAMs data

10 Yrs historical data

Next 6 Hrs Predictions

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Real-time Govt. BAMs data

10+ Yrs historical data

Next Day predictions

Spatially continuous weather data

Spatially continuous pollution data

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Satellite Air Quality Monitoring

Smart Air Quality
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