Building a Digital Twin of the Planet

Analysing every pixel on the planet for next generation of environmental monitoring

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One Process, Multiple Datasets

Replacing piece-meal geospatial analysis with a consolidated environmental datastack

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The Geospatial Data Refinery

We take in terabytes of crude data from satellites, ground sensors and the world wide web to assess the climate risk of any region.

This means no more outdated data sets, be it carbon emissions or water quality.

Wondering how Climate Change will affect your business, policies or investments ? 

Automated data collection pipelines

1. Automated Data Pipelines

Data from different sources like satellites, ground monitors, IoT devices, etc is ingested for further processing.

Data wrangling. Cleaning, sorting & storing

2. Data Wrangling

This crude data is now cleaned, sorted, processed, and compressed. And further passed into our forecasting engine.

AI alogrithms

3. Cloud-Native. AI Powered.

This is where the magic happens. We do multiple levels of processing and advanced analytics to generate rich environmental insights.

API gateways to access environmental insights

4. Access API

The insights are now available for widespread use. Get a glimpse from our web platform or access in bulk via easy-to-integrate APIs.