Senior Full-Stack Developer


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We are looking for a potential JS Ninja who can learn and build fast. Experience in JS, preferably React + NodeJS is a plus. Our products has a fairly complicated systems & you will be responsible for building it.

You’ll need to walk the fine line between simplicity of use and complexity of features. You’ll play a key role in deciding features and their design and will also architect and design the full stack codebase to make it extensible, testable and modifiable in the future.


  • Become the in-house code wizard as a full-stack developer conversant with React & Node stack and coordinate with the team to design & launch new features
  • Ideate, design & implement the overall architecture of the web application upto deployment.
  • Build RESTful APIs to power various platforms
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to finalize specs
  • Build the UI of the dashboards & Platform
  • Code CI pipelines



  • 2-4 years of work experience
  • Experience with AWS Services like EC2, Cloudwatch, Lambda, S3, CI/CD etc & production level experience in DevOps
  • Basic proficiency in CS concepts such as Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Advanced knowledge of client-side frameworks such as React.js/Angular/Vue/Backbone will help you move across the stack and make you a prolific team player. React + Redux is a big plus.
  • Love for mySQL and noSQL alike, worked with MongoDB and Relational Database like MariaDB, Postgres


  • Working knowledge of frontend tech. like HTML/CSS/Sass is a big plus
  • Production level experience building & scaling RESTful APIs with flexibility and extensibility with NodeJS & Express
  • Experience working on a Linux based system & bash scripting.
  • Willingness to learn and switch to Express ( NodeJS ) framework for day to day development
  • Basic understanding of PWA (Progressive Web Application Development) & TWA

Educational Qualifications:

  • No degree requirements
  • College dropouts and self-taught app developers are highly encouraged to apply