Tech Lead


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Responsibilities and Requirements:

  • Min 5 years of industry experience
  • NodeJS, React, Python, SQL, devOps & AWS is a must
  • age between 25 & 30 (max 32) only
  • Must have big data & data analytics experience
  • Has proven experience running self-managed services like ELK, Redis, Postgres etc.
  • No educational requirements at all
  • Proven work experience in startup ecosystem, service sector don't count!
  • Must have experience in building, managing, growing & hiring product teams. Has build large-scale systems from scratch
  • Exceptional communication skills & ability to abstract away problems & build systems
  • If you are using windows for development and don't have a good reason for that please don't apply
  • Not a OOPS or functional programming fanatic but a value creator
  • A coder by heart, must have open source experience even if just a few PRs
  • Put company goals above personal code fetishes
  • is humble & open to feedback
  • Can learn, adapt & skill up fast, unafriad of new stuff
  • Hyper-curious!
  • Daily team management and scrum leader
  • Leads the daily standup
  • Daily team management of 5+


  • Worked with GIS & tile server etc
  • Time-series data

ESOP & Salary no bound!

2 references must, need people to vouch for