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Siddharth Singh

Co-lead author of the India Energy Outlook 2021 by the International Energy Agency

The detailed air quality data that Blue Sky Analytics provides helped enrich our latest study on the future of India’s energy use and emissions. The creative and talented team at Blue Sky Analytics further helped translate this data to a visual medium that illustrated the scale of the challenge better. Such valuable information has immense potential in improving decision making in a range of fields and applications

Envision. Explore. Engage.

Envision with SpaceTime

  • Supports the ability to combine Maps and Graphs

  • Visualize data in spatial & temporal context

  • Dynamic Data

  • All types of datasets supported including raster, static points, vector shapes, etc.

  • Visualize all types of datasets

  • Mix & Match, overlay multiple datasets over each other


Explore with Developer Portal

  • All datasets through API in standardized formats

  • Rich documentation with methodologies & science behind it

  • Pay for what you Use, Usage based pricing

  • 99.999% uptime

  • Integrated Billing (coming soon!)

  • Most importantly, dark mode!


Engage with Blue Sky Thinking

  • Have questions about climate change. Ask away!

  • Couldn't find the datasets you were looking for, let us know!

  • Have a use-case but can't integrate the datasets, we are here to help!

  • Have one-on-one interactions with domain experts and climate scientists

  • Connect with the entire climate change community at one place.

  • Let's co-create to save the world


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